Nancy Fath

Meet Nancy Fath, the visionary co-founder who brought Chandeliers + Tulips to life in 2010. With her impeccable taste and passion for curating unique finds, Nancy has transformed the boutique into a chic haven for fashion-forward individuals seeking timeless elegance and contemporary pieces.


Shanesa Fath

Introducing Shanesa Fath, the heart and soul behind Chandeliers + Tulips. From her early days working in the boutique to assuming ownership alongside her mother, Shanesa's journey embodies a lifelong dedication to timeless style and impeccable design. As co-founder, she now leads the charge, infusing every corner of our chic boutique with her signature flair for curation and design.

Store Director

Jessica Hernandez

Meet Jessica Hernandez, the guiding light behind Chandeliers + Tulips. With her passion for customer service and a keen eye for detail, Jessica ensures that every visit to our boutique is a delightful experience. As our dedicated Store Director, she embodies the essence of our brand, curating a welcoming atmosphere where style meets sophistication.

Sales Consultant

Kim Maples

Meet Kim Maples, your style confidante at Chandeliers + Tulips. Kim is here to offer personalized guidance through our curated collection, ensuring you find pieces that perfectly complement your style and speak to your unique elegance.

Digital Marketing Manager

Brenna Sinding

Meet Brenna, the digital creative behind Chandeliers + Tulips. With a passion for marketing and an eye for digital trends, Brenna crafts engaging online experiences that bring our boutique to life.