C.W Slade

C.W. Slade, born in Los Angeles, is a contemporary mixed media artist blending painting, collage, and printmaking. Infusing her travels, philosophy, and poetry, she crafts a unique artistic narrative, delving into life's enigmas. Her paintings invite viewer participation, intertwining recognizable images with abstract forms, creating a bridge into her creative realm.

Having been an artist all her life, Slade honed her craft at esteemed institutions like the Otis Institute of Art and through private studies with acclaimed artists. Her work graces collections across the United States and Europe.

For Slade, truth in art lies in the act of creation, requiring the artist's complete surrender to intuition over rationality.

In her artist statement, Slade reveals that painting is her vehicle for exploring the mysteries of existence, spurred by daily life's uncertainties. Ideas emerge from silence, allowing her to delve into the depths of her curiosity. Her process is natural and spontaneous, with colors and images revealing themselves without constraint, akin to uncovering secrets in a dream.