Ziba Afshar

Her love for art began at the age of four, when she vividly recalls drawing her newborn cousin with remarkable precision. Astonishing her relatives, she received art supplies as gifts from then on.

Amidst the turmoil of the Iran-Iraq war in 1981, her perspective shifted drastically, from rosy lenses to the grim reality of bombs dropping nearby. Fleeing Iran on horseback, she embarked on a three-day journey to reach the safety of Turkey's borders. Supported by her parents' unwavering encouragement, she continued her artistic pursuits while residing in Turkey and Italy, studying under Persian artists Badreyee Borghey and Hessam Abrishami during her formative years.

Upon arriving in the US, she enrolled in art courses at Santa Monica College at the tender age of thirteen, laying the foundation for her artistic journey. Throughout her twenties, she experimented with various styles, integrating her life experiences into her work.

Using diverse mediums such as vintage magazines, books, paints, pastels, and spray paint, she incorporates forgotten elements from magazines and photographs, sometimes holding onto images for years until they find their place in her art. Her work carries a light-hearted message, urging viewers not to take life too seriously, reflecting her deep love for what she does. She considers each piece a vessel of luck and blessings, honored to share her creations with the world.