Ike & Tina Turner, Los Angeles 1975 “The Kiss”

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This is an exclusive Norman Seeff print of Ike & Tina Turner in Los Angeles in 1975. 

"Ike & Tina were the most successful crossover R&B act at the time and I had always loved their music. Ike is a musical genius and Tina is a powerhouse. A planned shot of them kissing didn’t pan out — they never quite got there. I didn’t see love and affection between them as much as I saw an intense creative interaction. This was the first session I filmed. My idea was that it would be amazing to cut a short piece of film that captured the emotional depth of the communication and the spontaneous performances that had become a characteristic of the session’s process. Once I developed the dailies and looked at the footage I realized that I could capture the intensity and authenticity of the session. I knew exactly what I was going to do from then on." -- Norman Seeff


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