Gregg Allman & Cher, Los Angeles 1976 “Gregg & Cher II”

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This is an exclusive Norman Seeff print of Gregg Allman & Cher in Los Angeles in 1976. 

"The first shoot I did with Cher was not meant to be a session, at least as far as I understood. I got a call saying that she wanted to come to the studio and she showed up with her friend Paulettte looking gorgeous. On a whim, I asked her if she wanted to shoot so we just hung out and I shot 6 or 7 rolls of film very informally. Every image is pure Cher magic and I’ve since been told by Paulette that Cher had planned to do a session all along - and had made sure she had a perfect make-up before she came! Cher has since used the images from this session for an album cover and merchandise, including her 2017 Vegas show." -- Norman Seeff


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